Friday, July 17, 2009

Life is not all about ME

how true...I read somewhere that people are naturally selfish. That 70% of the time each day we think of our selfish needs. Unconsciously, that is. We worry about all the 'what ifs' that concern us, directly and indirectly. What if I failed to do this, what if I got a terminal illness, what if my partner left me for someone else, what if I lost my job...etc.

The phrase 'life is not all about ME' takes on a new meaning after this realization. Much that I have about a thousand things to take care of every day, I really should make time for others. A phone call to someone I haven't spoken to for a long time, an email to a long forgotten friend, a visit to someone who is lonely or sick- the possibility of reaching out is endless. Failing that, because it always feels that the 24-hour day is just too short, I could at least stop complaining of how much time I have to alot to drive the kids to school, to make their meals, and to clean up their mess. After all life is not all about's about many other things that contribute to the meaning of living.



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