Thursday, July 2, 2009

Champs Elysees- celebrating women

Ever wonder about fragrance and women? The two blend well, don't they? As there are many types of women out there, so are there many types of perfume to suit the different personalities. Check out the following link for some of the latest, hottest types:

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My perfume love affair started with Champs Elysees. It is soothing and refreshing. Almost peaceful with a hint of sensuality. Perfect for a woman who appreciates femininity without being overly feminine. I'd vote for this fragrance any time, though I keep an open mind about other scents. Strange that I've never known what's the blend before. Till today. I finally learned that the blend consists of floral rose, blackcurrant, mimosa leaves, hibiscus, and almond wood. But then again, you don't have to be a perfumer to appreciate fragrance.

My encounter with Champs was a pure accident. A friend used to wear it to work. Her office was just next door to mine and whenever she came by to say hello at my door, the whiff of this mysterious fragrance lingered for hours on end. I wasn't normally one to ask boldly about things like that- you know, personal things like name of fragrance etc. But I couldn't help it that day. Glad I did because it introduced me to beautiful Champs. Well, can't say I'm a daily perfume user, but once in love, one hangs on to it while it lasts. I keep my bottle of Champs handy for 'special purposes'. It reminds me to celebrate being a woman, of wonderful buddies and good times :-)



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