Wednesday, January 4, 2012

It's another new year

Welcome 2012. When I was young, welcoming a new year used to be a big deal. The feel of the 12am new year cold water on my face used to be really really special. For it signified another new beginning. It was easier when I was a schoolkid. The year before, at school end, everything ended. So the new year was really a new beginning. I remember all I ever worried about was getting new uniforms and stationaries. And of course fulfilling the parents' expectation of doing well in the school exams!

I wish life is still that simple. *sigh*. The older I get, the more normal another new year becomes. Leaving 2011 into 2012 didn't mean having finished everything, every single task of 2011. Maybe that explains the lack of excitement. I wonder if every adult feels this...or is it just me? If it is just me, I must be burning out!

Well, I'm going to try to combat this lack of excitement, with some positive thoughts. I'll be turning 39 in October. That means maturity. And wisdom. I'd be able to deal with situations better because of my previous experiences. And best of all, I can still incite excitement among the younger ones- that new year is indeed a special thing! A new beginning, an anticipation of great things ahead. Happy new year :)

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