Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Post operation, I'd like to blame my forgetfulness on the anaesthetic used on my. Like yesterday when I dropped by at the office to submit my mc, I promised Wan that I'd give her a buzz as she would be in a meeting. But when I arrived there I realized I didn't bring my mobile, or my office room keys so I couldn't even use the phone to give her a ring. And before that, I was supposed to be driving the kids to the tuition centre, and they told me they'd be waiting at my cousin's house. And what did I do? Drove past the house and had to make a u-turn. Luckily the kids didn't realize I did that or they'd be teasing me about it endlessly.

But I can't blame forgetting my passwords for many web accounts on anything, can I? To think that I only used a few passwords and still can forget them...It's kind of embarrassing. Two months ago I had to call my uni help desk for forgetting my library password, even the secret question that helps one to have the password sent via email. I got hold of it and I thought that's it. Then I realized I have forgotten my gmail password. When I did remember, there were hundred of spams in the inbox I almost lost interest in my gmail. Worse, I forgot my airasia login password, and malaysiaairlines' too, just as I was making a travel booking two weeks ago. I thought I jot them down somewhere, but even forgot where. The greatest blow is this morning when I was trying to open my student webmail account. It says "your credentials are not recognised"! Oh dear me...what is becoming of me. Maybe it's nature's way of reminding me to be more organised :-(

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The eye operation

I had a squint since I was young, but it wasn't prominent until a few years ago. Blame it on all the reading and studying :-) But seriously it was causing me a problem. One eye is short-sighted, and the other, long-sighted. My Dr say ideally that shouldn't be a problem, but since I had a squint, it became a problem. It caused my eyes to be unable to focus most of the times. Well sometimes they seem focused, but most of the times, I couldn't make them so. And my eyes got tired fast, making reading so not fun.

So my Dr suggested a corrective eye surgery for me months ago. She said she would fix the muscles to make them lax, since the problem was that the muscles were so tight. I thought about if for a long time- with mixed feelings. Scared, a little bit. Excited, also a little bit. I decided to give it a go during the kids' school holidays, and the semester holidays at the uni so I could have a good recovery period.

'D day' was yesterday. I admitted myself to the hospital at 10.30am. Thank goodness I brought my laptop so I could work while waiting for 2pm, the operation time. I hated it when the nurses pushed me on the trolley, even hated it when I entered the super cold operation theatre. When Dr Dayang, my nice Dr said hi to me, I told her I was feeling like doing a 100m sprint to get away from the miserable room. But of course I couldn't have done that anyway. So on I went with the operation, enduring the scary jab and was sent to dreamland in seconds.

When I woke up, Dr Dayang had fixed my eye. Oh thank goodnesss it was only an eye. I really need my other eye to do my work. She did a test this morning and told me happily it was a success. She has reduced the squint degree from 45% to 5%. Well I have a red and gritty eye now but surprisingly it wasn't as painful as I expected. Even the post-operation headache lasted only about 2 hours. I hope my eye would recover soon and I won't get tired too fast when working anymore. I do feel good actually. Thank God.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Old friends are like wine...

Ah, it's good to be back. Can't believe I've been that busy...preparing exam papers for the short semester, harvest festival with the family at kampung (and that always means some wedding to attend), attending a conference and...I think a lot more. But the conference which was in Kuching gave me a chance to catch up with my good friend, Lilly.

Three days spent at Lilly's was just heaven. Having last met her in 2004, we had so much to talk about that the three days seemed so short. As I was boarding my plane at Kuching airport, the adage "old friends are like wine..." popped up in my mind, and I suddenly realized how very true that is.

I remember how the friendship progressed...from being colleagues, to being housemates, to being soul sisters. We know each others' weaknesses and strengths, and accept each other as we are. We find comfort sharing each others' stories of pain and pleasure. We encourage each other to be strong and try to do the right thing. We understand each other without having to explain anything. Even from a distance, when we have stopped corresponding regularly, we know we are at each others' hearts.

Old friends like Lilly is definitely like wine. The longer they are, the better they become. I feel blessed, knowing that I have a few like her.

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