Monday, January 24, 2011

the fundamental photography course

I must have been out of my mind. Sitting in a
crowded room among people who were really passionate about photography, clutching my D5000, handed down by hubby just that morning with a promise that it was going to be mine if I found myself being interested in photography after all. My friend at work, a photographer, offered to enroll me for the course, and since the package sounded too good to turn down (RM30 for a whole day course/shooting practice), I thought "why not?".

The session was begun with participant's introduction- with the crucial questions how long have I had this camera? and what's my camera model? I felt like I must have been the only one who had only touched my camera that very morning, with nil experience, and even worse, was still unable to remember my camera model. But after the 40 min ice-breaking session, my confidence grew a little bit. I wasn't the only one without experience! and I had two very nice neighbours who were eager to lend a hand, helping me to figure out how to turn on the camera and locate buttons. (Vanessa)

Four hours of theory and we were deemed ready to shoot some pictures. There were four models aka talents to shoot, but with a hundred participants all vying to get the best positions to shoot, it was quite a hard work. It didn't help that most of the participants were much younger and agile! But at the end of the day, I managed to get a few shots (Two of them are the above pics of Abby and Vanessa, two of the models). I was far from happy with the quality of my work but of course, to be a pro one needs years of practice!

All in all, I found myself intrigued...and keen to pursue this new hobby. Now I understand why hubby bought a D90 with all the fancy lenses. Before, I thought it would have been good if he saved the money for the kids' college...but ironically, I am now on his side. Maybe this will do me good after all.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

January Misery

Much that I love welcoming every new year, I always dread one thing. Year after year, January has always been the time when everyone at home comes down with the flu. The cycle normally starts with one of the kids getting it first, which results in the kid having to rest at home for at least two days. Soon, the other kids get it, and there'll be more home-rest, which means the parents have to take turn taking a few days off work. And finally the parents get it, after about two weeks of enduring the kids' misery, sleeping in snatches for a few nights.

It's not the physical pain and fatigue that are unbearable. It's the pain at heart to see the young ones suffer. To see them struggling with the high temperature, and to hear them cough incessantly, straining their little chests every time they do. It's a torture.

I've come to believe that when January is over, everyone will be well again. It always does, year after year. A few more days till January is over now. I can't wait.

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