Saturday, December 24, 2011

Pick-pocketed at christmastime

The worst time of the year to be pick-pocketed has to be in December, at christmastime (though of course any time is a bad time to be pick-pocketed). It happened to me yesterday, on a train from Mid-Valley KL to KL Sentral. In a journey that was so short, it happened I almost couldn't believe it!

It's a family holiday; hubby and I were taking the kids to see KLCC. We decided to take the train instead of drive because it was a Friday and the trafic was at its worst. I must have been careless, because I having been used to live in KL for a few years, I need not be told that pickpocketing is common in KL. I am familiar with all the precautions: never put all your cards in the same place, never take too much cash, never put your handbag by your side etc. And yet, I didn't do any of those things!

I put all my atm cards and credit cards in the same purse, brought above RM500 with me, and in an attempt to ensure that my girls were fine in that impossibly packed train, I forgot all about my handbag. The next thing I know as we got off the train was that my bag was opened when it shouldn't, and so much lighter. I knew then that it had happened.

Needless to say, the rest of the day was spent cancelling cards and making a police report, which took quite some time as apparently there were several people that were pickpocketed in the same train. Now I have to wait till after christmas to get the replacement...what a trial. You could never be too careful these days.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Home alone

Can't believe it's already mid December. Again. I am home alone, trying desperately to finish up things that need to be done before my leave next week. The kids, thankfully are at my parents', no doubt enjoying their freedom from the parents' rules and regulations. The hubby is away again. I thought I'd be able to do my work faster without the kids to distract me, but hmm...not really. It feels a bit weird not having them around after a week. The house seems very quiet that even the cockroaches have started to come out of their hidings.

So I've been missing my family, and though I've been forcing myself to work really hard, the progress is not as fast as I'd like it to be :(. I ended up distracting myself with candle pics today. Christmas candles, for I suddenly look forward to christmas. A day of joy, a day of love, and lots of merry-making when it comes to my family.

I hope your christmas is going to be filled with happy memories this year.

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