Friday, October 28, 2011

The little boy's thoughts again

I unashamedly love to see my little boy grows. In fact I enjoy every second of it. He'll be 8 comes 12.12.2011, and very soon will be transforming into a teenager (hopefully a cheerful one).

Yesterday he said that "adults overthink things, that's why they are forgetful". His message came loud and clear to me- pay attention to the things that matter. Like family.

Last week he did something unexpected. He handed me some 50 cents coins. "Belated birthday present", he said. My birthday was on 14.10. Apparently he wished to continue a tradition he started last year. He gave me twelve 50 cents coins that he had dilligently saved, wrapped in a piece of paper torn from his school exercise book. For some reason I found that so sweet. Now I have sixteen 50 cents coins from him, that I know I will keep as my lucky coins.

My little boy is certainly growing. Gone had the time when he gave me his robot for my birthday and asked me to return it at night because "your birthday is over". He now knows the concept 'belated birthday gifts', and that it's the thought, rather than the amount or number of gifts that count.

Well, my boy might have failed his Maths in his year 2 final exam recently, but at least he is a thinking little boy. At least for now he is my little boy...

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Meaningful Life

It's Saturday again. Hmm...time flies. Another class awaits me at 6pm today. The class was supposed to be at 8am but some of the students (long distance adult learners) couldn't make it so I decided to be accommodative. It's one of my favourite subjects to teach anyway so I'm not complaining.

I have 5 subjects to teach this semester when I could have chosen to stick to 2 subjects. It was accidental though. One of the reasons was to help someone out, and the other was to help a student. The subject he has to take was phased out 2 years ago and at that time he had to suspend his studies because of a personal problem. Now he is back to school and had to take the subject and I was asked whether I was willing to teach it. Why did I say 'yes' I wonder? Was it an altruistic tendency in me I wonder? Oh well, I've said yes so I'll live with it for the next two and a half months.

I've promised myself that I won't be stressed out because of this. Instead I'd just think that my life is meaningful because I am able to give something to others. Indeed, you put meaning to your own life. And you will be happy to live life in your own way...

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