Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Amish

Just finished reading a book called "Wanted" by Shelley Shepard Gray. This is the first novel I read of which the setting is the Amish community. It is truly interesting. From a short novel I managed to learn quite a bit about the Amish, a community that many might consider 'traditional' in comparison to the modern world they are used to. I salute the writer for while not from the community, has portrayed them in a positive light. Simple, peaceful, hardworking, God fearing, while at the same time being open to outsiders. (well I know there's no community without faults but the portrayal of the writer impresses me so). I am most impressed that a community can actually live by choice without the comforts of things such as electricity and cars. I guess their deep commitment to their faith sees them through. One sure can learn a thing or two from them...



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