Thursday, July 9, 2009

In the name of religion?

I admit I was disgusted to read the news about some men from a certain religion spying into other people's religious place and pretending to participate in the ritual for whatever reason. First disgusted, now sad. What an invasion of privacy. What a disrespectful act. How low can people stoop to achieve the sense of victory in the name of religion? Isn't it irony that people who are supposed to be religious, who are expected to lead other people in good examples actually do just the opposite?
It matters not what religion you believe in- if you are truly religious, you are supposed to be the light of others, to bring peace and love and hope, to promote justice...

But then again, some people care more about quantity than quality. It is disturbing to think that such people aim to have as many followers as they can, not on teaching these followers how to live better.

I honestly feel that religion is a personal choice, not an imposed one. No one should have the right to force others to believe in their religion. Everyone should have the right to practice their belief in peace. Most of all, everyone should respect other's religions and leave each other to practice their belief in private. I'm sure God, whoever it is or whatever it is, would be much happier to see a peaceful world than a world full of so-called believers that make the non-believers' life miserable...



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