Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My momhood turns 11

*Sigh*. Can hardly believe it. My eldest girl, Sandra, is turning 11 in 3 days. How time flies. How does a mom for 11 years act, I wonder? Should I feel old? Nah, don't want to feel that. I still enjoy my internet activities- in fact more than ever. What with Facebook and whatnot. Anyway, I'm organizing two birthday celebrations for Sandra. One at the pool with her classmates. Another at the park with close family friends. She's been busy preparing lolly bags and stuffs :-). That's one good thing when they are older- they do many things on their own. Even write their own invites. Much that I'm busy with my work, I can't deny her the pleasure of celebrating early teenhood. It's indeed a milestone- "having lived now for a full decade", in her own words. And I have been a mom for a full decade too. Yup, I should this weekend, parties to celebrate a decade of life and momhood...

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