Friday, March 27, 2009

Religions, to my way of thinking...

I've been reading religious blogs today. Some have peaceful, harmonius tones, while some have this high and mighty "I am the truth" tone. For some reason I always feel insulted when people say "my religion is the truth" by giving all the arguments about how false other religions are. Even people from my own religion! I can't take such attitude. Anyway, it's their right. And I console myself that it's my right to think this:

Once upon a time, during the stage of evolution, people were really really bad (at some part of the earth) that God decided he had had enough and sent Moses to correct their ways. And thereof came Judaism. Some people became good, and yet some were still bad. So he sent Jesus to correct them. It took Jesus' dying on the cross to convince some people of God's love for them. And so Christianity started. And yet some people still refused to change their old, bad ways. So God sent Muhamad, the great prophet to teach them. And so the three religions remain. People who are comfortable with Judaism practice it to this day. People who are comfortable with Christianity practice their beliefs, and those who are comfortable with Islam, become its followers. Thus, God must see that different people have different needs, that He let them practice their religions and accepts them all with love and grace, for if He should want only one religion to exist, I believe He could easily make it so.

And so I think, in some parts of the world, people who can become good without the God from the Book, found their own means to reach God. Thus, there are Hinduism, Buddhism etc. One universal God, but different conception and means to reach Him.

And yet people are still searching in today's world...will God send another great person to teach them? Or should the believers lead them to the God they know? Would it be to the extent of spilling blood in the name of God?

It's all a matter of beliefs. I very much believe that God doesn't want people to spill blood because of religion, for that contradicts God's loving nature. To me personally, I am comfortable believing in God the way I do. A simple me...thanking God for my existence...



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