Monday, March 30, 2009

birthday and earth hour

My eldest girl, Sandra, turned 11 on 28th March. She had a pool party with her friends at Bayswater Waves. The girls had a wonderful time with their party leaders. The food came late but the fantastic activities with the party leader more then made up for that.

At night, we tried to observe Earth Hour. We lit up 3 candles and sat, pretending that we were back to olden days. But then the girls decided to compromise and watched the TV. They felt that they had half-observed Earth Hour, and that it was a good attempt :-)

Well, I had to worry about decorating the cake I baked earlier for another birthday picnic with family friends the next day. I had a mixed feeling about that- excited, because I was actually going to decorate a cake, and worried because I didn't get to buy the necessary tools like spin-table and hooked spatula as I saw on youtubes. Nonetheless, I did it anyway. And this is how my novice cake looked like. It was far from professional but at least it was edible. Who knows my second attempt might be much better :-) (Thanks to people whose cake blogs inspired me, and gave me courage to do it).


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