Wednesday, March 25, 2009

On lullabies and religions

I was singing lullabies to little Noel earlier. I started with his favourite "Hush Little baby", then our routine "Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name..." I know this can hardly be called a lullaby, but it is to us. Day after day without fail, it puts my little one to sleep...anyway, I started reflecting why it is such a comforting song. Could it be because of its melodious nature, or could it be the words?

One thought led to another, and I started seriously thinking about faith, and life and believers...Am I a true believer? I guess although I can't call myself purely religious, I must be a believer enough to be able to feel that in my lowest moment, there's a hand that always pulls me up. In times when I feel that life has no meaning and direction, there's a soothing nudge in my heart that makes me able to feel good again. It must be some powers out there that I've known as God. And I feel content simply to feel that this God is always leading me to love- myself, my family, my friends, strangers, and even foes.

I thought I must be in the category of people who stick to religion NOT because they want to find The Truth, but because religions make them feel positive. I guess I feel positive because what I believe in emphasizes in Love, which suits me very well. I can't say I have a good knowledge about religions, but I've seen how religions affect people (in some ways). There's this camp that practice the teachings of their religion and generally become good. And yet another camp thought that everyone should embrace their religion (and this applies to many religions) because theirs and theirs alone is The Truth. Well, I have no objection to people believing that their way is The Truth. That, I believe, is personal. But I have an issue with people who coerce, and force others to follow them in the name of God. That, to me, is negative. It is such attitude that leads people to hate and even kill each other...and I wonder if they feel good because of that.

Anyway, I am happy enough to be in my camp. I might not know whether what I believe in is The Truth, but my life is meaningful because of that. For the simple me, it is enough that I can live positively in this life, trying to love others as I feel loved...



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