Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Sleepover

S is sleeping over at a friend's tonight. Good on her...a pre teen girl needs to socialize with best buds the right way. There are only three of them...the girl hosting the sleepover, Y, S and her other best buddy L. Y's mom is going to take them for a movie, following which, they are going to just have fun. I'm sure the girls are going to have loads of fun.

I stopped worrying about my children going to sleepover some while ago. I convinced myself that having all those experiences will help them grow into well-balanced individuals later in their lives. Apart from the multi-cultural experience they are sure learning from their friends, they get to play and spend time with their best buddies. After all, it's not like I don't know the moms of these friends. They are all normal people with the same concerns for kids.

But it's a rainy winter night, with howling wind :-( Can't help wondering whether she is comfortable...etc. The usual worries of a mom. I know she takes care of herself quite well, she being the eldest. And it's good for the two younger ones not to have her once in a while. The sister A and the brother N, after a session of "it's unfair, she gets to go to a sleepover", came up with a brilliant idea of having their own sleepover party. Naturally in the girls' room :-) where they'll read books (rather A will read to N who can't read yet) and play till they fall asleep. And they suggest Mom and Dad to have a sleepover party too. So everyone will have a sleepover. Well, well...aren't kids creative...



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