Friday, June 26, 2009

Death- a celebration of one's life

Amidst news coverage of Michael Jackson's life on TV, sadness creeps in my heart. How true it is that death is a celebration of one's life. It is more so when one was a celebrity. Suddenly all their wonders are highlighted, when it was all their faults that were talked about when they lived.

Maybe it's not so bad when one is not a celebrity. Their wonders always outweigh their faults. At least that's how I remember my grandfather, always the great person he had been. Coincidently he passed away today three years ago. There's no more pain in my heart now. I prefer to think that he is resting in peace somewhere unreachable, where none can harm him anymore. I do miss him sometimes but I've accepted that he had to go because his time was up. No one lives forever, but it's how we live our life that counts...

As for MJ, this simple 'Ben' to me is one of his best:



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