Tuesday, June 23, 2009

His baby steps to READING

It gives me such satisfaction to see him repeat the words in every sentence in the book with real concentration. My baby, my 5 year old boy is not partial to words. He loves being read to, oh yes, bedtime stories are a must every night. But when he has to 'do' the reading, he'd just yawn and yawn until one stops asking him to. Tonight, though, he finally got hooked. A simple book, with a theme that interests him, with sentences repeated in every page. A clever idea to make a child think that he's really reading until he finally focuses on the shapes (spellings) of the words.

For the first time ever my baby read tirelessly. He went through every sentence in the book three times. First, to convince himself that he is actually reading them, spelling and saying each word out loud. Second, to show off to his sister A, and third, to show off to Dad. Seeing the pride in his eyes has been a great joy for me. What mom wouldn't? A barrier is broken, I'm pretty sure he will be more eager to read from now on.

And now back to my neverending 'assignment' :-)



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