Thursday, June 18, 2009

Baby Girl found

My friend posted a bizzare story this morning. A baby girl was left outside of her Dad's house early in the morning. Her Dad discovered the baby upon returning from his morning prayer. The baby was left with a bag containing a pair of clothes, mittens, a bottle with warm milk in it, a tin of formula, some diapers and a buck.

She posted some pics of the girl, who appears to be clean and neat, and very sweet. Looking at the pics, I wonder which mom could have done this? Or could it be a father? Or both parents? I wonder if their reasons were poverty, shame, or selfishness? It could be anything. Thank goodness the baby is too young to be aware of her experience.

One of my friend's family member has decided to adopt the girl. At least she has found a home...I say a little prayer for her. May her life with this new family be a better one.



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