Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Why do I feel VERY hungry?

I was beginning to wonder whether I was counting the calories right or whether I was doing something wrong. Last night towards midnight I felt extremely hungry although according to my calculation I've consumed enough food to make up the needed 1400 cal requirement of my body. I had 2 glasses of fresh apple-carrot juice and half a mug of oat for breakfast, 1 mug of white tea for morning tea, 2 bowls of clear chicken soup with a small portion of chicken, a large bowl of salad and half a cup of white rice for lunch, plenty of water and a hot cross bun for afternoon snack, and a large bowl of soup with fresh greens and 2 slices of watermelon for dinner.

I thought I might have even taken more than I should have. But strangely enough hunger pangs started at around 10pm and got worse. It was so bad to the extent that I couldn't concentrate on the journal article I was trying to read. At 11.30pm I completely lost my willpower and had a mug of watery milo and three small crackers. And I was still hungry that I ate a banana. Needless to say, it put me in a sour mood.

Trying hard to justify my failure to stick to the healthy diet regime, I tried to blame it on PMS. Yet it didn't make me feel any better.

Today I had to do a bit of digging on the facts about hunger. I realized that many people who are trying to lose weight experience the same thing. Some people suggest that it is due to the lack of sugar level in the blood. Some say that it is due to not taking enough from all the food groups. Yet another says the body could be in shock, esp for those who just started changing their diets. And I also stumbled on a fact that emotions can also trigger hunger pangs.

I still don't know what caused my hunger last night. I guess it's a combination of various factors. Today I try to increase fruit intake a little bit, to see whether it's all due to low sugar level. 2 cups of fresh fruit juice and a few apples or bananas. I might even allow myself a small choc egg later, that is if I can find the time to increase my exercise time... (How I miss my comfort snacks).



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