Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Lock Picking

Wow, the things one can get from youtube are unbelievable! On the plus side, you get to master a lot of DIY skills quite easily, and on the minus side, if you have the tendency to be cunning, you can actually learn the techniques just as easily.

A loves boxes, especially those trinket boxes with fancy locks. The little brother, N, unfortunately has the penchant for spoiling her boxes. He locked the key of one of A's special boxes inside that box today. The sisters, apparently having discussed how best to solve the problem, approached Mom and Dad to try picking the lock 'spy books style'.

I tried using a bobby pin, Dad tried a penknife but none worked. Then an inspiration struck, "check it out on youtube"! After watching a few techniques, I decided to use a pair of tweezers to pick the lock. Voila! Within seconds the job was done. Now this, has been an education for Mom. Here are some I find useful:


Plain Jane on April 28, 2009 at 9:32 PM said...

yes, some people are so blessed with too much time on their hands..then again, what DO we say about us who sift through youtube..??...hehhe, my blog speaks volumes ya?

vpa73 on April 29, 2009 at 10:27 AM said...

haha...that's called utilizing youtube to the fullest!

kombura on July 31, 2009 at 4:21 PM said...

That looks easy. Gonna give it a try.


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