Friday, April 24, 2009

The 10 laws of better health

As I was reading articles on health today, I found this and thought it's worth sharing:

The Ten Laws of Better Health

1. Better health is a result of life affirming habits that are repeated on a daily basis. The key to a healthy life is having healthy habits rather than unhealthy ones.

2. Our mind and emotions have a direct affect on our health. Therefore what we focus on and what we think about and how we deal with emotions are all important considerations when creating a healthy lifestyle.

3. Diet plays a key role in our overall health and our response to disease and infection. Therefore cultivating a sound diet is an important step to a healthy life.

4. Daily exercise, even in small amounts can make a profound positive effect on our health. Therefore cultivating some kind of exercise habit is important for long term well being.

5. Stress is a leading cause of disease and poor health. Developing a routine for handling stress and reducing it is an intregal part of better health.

6. Vitamins are a key component of positive health care and you should take some form of dietary supplement on a daily basis.

7. Healthy relationships create a healthy life. Cultivating, positive life enriching relationships are a key to physical and emotional well being.

8. Getting adequate and restful sleep on a nightly basis is a very important contributor to overall health. Therefore, cultivating good sleep habits is an important characteristic of longevitity.

9. A spiritual practice of some kind is conducive to health and longetivity.

10. The environment we live in plays a key role in determing our health and HAPPINESS.



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