Thursday, August 13, 2009

A winner

I was at the library trying so hard to concentrate on my studies. I was distracted but that wasn't news to me. I often found myself reading the same page after what seemed like ages. Opposite me was a young man whose composure hadn't changed since hours ago. He looked hard at work, with books all over his desk, but never once lost his focus. From the digital English dictionary that he consulted every so often, I deduced that English wasn't his first language. And all the scribbles he made on his papers showed how hard he must be working. And yet he went through the process as if it was not a struggle at all. A few days I saw him in the library. Always with the same wonderful concentration for hours and hours. Every day not once did I see him leave his desk, unlike me who had to walk around every hour to regain my focus. And I told myself "this one is a winner".



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