Friday, August 28, 2009

Do not complain about your life

Like me, you must be hearing the phrase "do not complain about your life" all the time. While we know it is not good to whine about our difficulties, the unfairness of life and the unfortunateness of our situations, it is really hard not to complain. Human beings that we are, complaining and whining are part and parcel of our existence. I do believe that complaining (in moderation) has its purpose though. It helps us purge all the anxiety and burdens from our hearts.

I'd try to complain only to people whom I think care, though. I know that when I whine to them, they'd listen with their hearts and won't judge me for being so whiny. I know because I let my friends and loved ones do the same. I can accept that they have to complain, that they have to whine to someone. And it should really be an honor to be the one on the receiving end. After all, that's part of what love is all about- to listen and be listened to.

So while one shouldn't 'complain', there really is nothing wrong in letting it all out...



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