Sunday, August 23, 2009

Celebrating friendship (yet again)

As I was browsing through the poems by Nicholas Gordon (, I found this one that reflects how much I feel about my friends:

I do not see you often with my eyes
I do not see you often with my eyes,
But often you are with me in my heart.
We rarely speak, but there are deeper ties
That keep us close while we must be apart.
Friendships don't depend on sights and sounds,
But on the mysteries of need and grace.
You're with me always, unrestrained by bounds,
In some sweet field more permanent than place.
And so your marriage is a widespread glory,
Shining on a world of more than two.
All the characters in your life story
Share the happiness that's come to you.
No love but must with all love intertwine:
The joy between you two is also mine.

I must say the collection of poems the author has is just amazing. A man of wisdom he must be...



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