Friday, March 5, 2010

My life is not THAT difficult

Difficulties come in many forms. One of them is being a 'single-parent' struggling to raise three children under 12 years old, like yours truly. Waking up at 5am (5.10, counting snooze time) to prepare breakfast for them, making sure everyone is ready to leave for school by 6.20, going to work, rushing off at lunch-time to pick the children up from school, back to work for 2 hours, going back home to send one of them to tuition, then back to the office for another 2 hours before calling it a day is certainly no fun. By the time everyone is in bed at 9.30pm, I feel so drained of energy that I hardly have any left to do the housework. But my life is not that difficult; I have help from my extended family, I can afford to pamper myself on a regular basis, and I have my children with me.

If anything, it makes me appreciate my family more. I do wonder why is it that hubby has to be posted some 1,624km away, which is 2.5 hr flight from home. I do wonder why it takes such a long time for the powers that be to find him a post here, despite our appeals. Being a believer that everything happens for a reason though, I keep reminding myself to have faith. My life is not that difficult, except for the times when loneliness hits hard and I miss him so much. At least, I keep reminding myself, I am blessed with a generous and caring extended family. Never once did anyone of them let me down. My call for help is always immediately answered. One of them, brother, mom or dad is always around to help me cook for the children every day.

I make sure that I pamper myself on a regular basis, at least a massage once every forthnight. It is quite costly but I have to do something to make myself feel good, as only when I feel good about myself will I be able to carry out all my duties with love.

My life is not that difficult. I have healthy children, despite their hyper-activeness. It's true that their constant demands leave me worn out most of the time, but at the end of the day, I always end up feeling grateful. I have them around me still. They haven't left the nest, thank god they are too young for that. When I look at their faces sleeping peacefully at night, I thank God, for I am blessed.

Well, at times when I feel so tired I wish hubby is the one having to go through all these. I even wonder if he does appreciate me more for doing this (which I think he does). I know it is tougher on him, as he doesn't have his loved ones with him. My life is not THAT difficult after all...


Nightfiller on March 11, 2010 at 11:39 PM said...

love it...keep on writing.


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