Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Love Letter to My Loved Ones

Dear kids,
I might not die tomorrow, but I'm doing what wise people say to do before it's too late. I'm writing love letters. To you. Yes, to you! Of course you know I love you. Heaps and heaps. And because I love you, I scold you when you do something wrong. I even punish you when the wrong is too much. You don't like it but it's for your own good. One day when you are parents yourselves, you'll see the reason why it works.

It hurts me to scold you, to point out the wrongs you did. Oh how my heart bleeds. But somebody has to do it. Or else you'll end up being irresponsible adults in the future. Being responsible is one of the musts of living a meaningful life. Remember, each and everyone of us is placed on earth for a purpose. Says who? Says mom...and remember again, moms know things! They can feel things. They have an extra eye on the back of their heads (ah, you know it). You'll find the purpose of your life one day like I think I've found mine...that's the MAIN purpose. But apart from that, there is one common purpose we all are here- to love each other. Isn't it beautiful? Love heals dears. You better believe it. How, you'd ask. Because if you love, you are willing to understand why someone does something they do, and wouldn't get too upset for a long time even if what they do seem wrong. Especially when they do that to you.

Anyway, kids, I love you. Today I'm going for a three hour and 45 minutes course after office hours. That means I won't be home to help you with your homework. To nag you to have them done fast so you can rest before bedtime. Or to nag you to check the books you are supposed to take to school tomorrow. Or to scowl when you don't tidy up your stuffs (which most of the time you end up not tidying up anyway). I won't be home to give you dinner (so you'll have to clean up on your own- no excuses like having to go to the loo right after putting your dishes in the sink!).

But kids, you know what? I'm going to miss you! Silly billy mom huh? It's not a very nice feeling thinking that you're going to bed without saying good night to me even if you don't hug me anymore. I'm used to you not hugging me anymore. For some reason you stopped doing it because the culture you observe, I wonder? When I was little, my parents didn't hug me much- it's the culture I grew up in. But you shouldn't have had to stop. Touching is gives comfort. It makes you feel loved.

Hey I'm going to miss our home badminton session tonight! Don't hit the ball too high k. You might break something. I'll see you at breakfast tomorrow morning then. Sleep well tonight. Know that I love you heaps and heaps. And kids, do something for me too...tell your Dad I love him heaps and heaps too. Of course he knows that too but it's good to hear it sometimes! Take care dears. Love, Mom.



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