Tuesday, September 27, 2011

so much for pampering myself :)

Sometimes hubby's job takes him places, leaving me to handle everything at the home front alone. Three kids, two puppies and a few fish. It gets quite taxing at times especially when hubby has to be away for a week or so.

Last week was one such week. And since I am teaching two new courses, I have to spend a lot of time writing new teaching and learning materials. By Thursday last week, my body could hardly take it anymore. "Time for a massage", I vowed to myself. Coincidently, a friend who owns a reflexology shop near my house texted to let me know that her shop has started operating till 11pm. "Just as well," I responded happily and texted her to say that I was going for a massage after 8pm on that day.

By 7pm I was home after buying groceries. I cooked some dinner for the kids, asked them to clean up after and told them to go to bed while I was out for my massage. In anticipation of a relaxing foot massage, I left home without my mobile (the battery was flat), and house keys (which I only realized much later).

I came back from my rejuvenating massage at 10pm, and realized at the front door that I did not have my keys with me! On top of that, the normally quiet neighbours were having visitors so it was too much for me to try to shout and wake up the kids. I wandered around for pins, or metal pieces that I could use to pick the lock. I got some but the lock picking attempt was to no avail. Apparently the locks were of good materials, thanks to hubby!

Thinking hard and exhausted, I sat quietly in the car. At midnight as the last of the neighbour's visitors drove away, I decided to try to borrow a phone from a 24 hour convenient store nearby. The boy at the counter was very helpful after I explained my situation. Unfortunately my calls went unanswered- who could blame the kids. They must have been tired too. The boy suggested for me to buy a set of padlock and try to use the keys to unlock my door. Which I did. But it was not meant to be...

At 1am, I called it quit. Grudgingly, I made myself comfortable in my car (thank god for the pillows and large towels I always have there) and fell asleep, surprisingly. At about 5am, Eldest Girl opened the door, looking very worried. As I emerged from the car, she was practically gaping. "Moooom, you slept in there last night?" she exclaimed with disbelief. The two other kids ran to hug me...and to my surprise, Youngest Son who was normally hard to get ready, was all ready in his school uniform. "What's the problem?" I asked stoically, and the kids looked at me as if I was the weirdest person on earth.

"So much for pampering myself" I muttered. I vowed that the next thing I'd do would be to get another set of the house keys made, and keep them somewhere helpful :)


Borneo rain on September 28, 2011 at 10:13 PM said...

Adui, so kasian, Veron! Ya bah, there you were going all out on your little r and r! I hope you've rested after all that! speaking of which, i'd love you to come get spa-ed out with me! save a date k? ;) and don't forget your house keys this time, hehe...

Verone on October 1, 2011 at 11:16 AM said...

Trix- I will hehe...

Unknown on October 28, 2015 at 11:21 PM said...



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