Friday, August 19, 2011

self-confessed scrabble addict


So, okay, I'm a scrabble addict. Every chance I got, I'd play scrabble on FB. But hey, I don't play at work...or rather, can't play. The office has kindly blocked all access to any game applications (including language games that my students would have enjoyed in the classroom) so I've been able to discipline myself. Otherwise the temptation would have been great, and I would have ended up playing during office hours. How scary is that? :) It is scary...then I could have blamed all the unfinished work on the game.

Anyway, much that I love the game, and I normally play for a while every morning after preparing the kids' lunch boxes and breakfast (before going to work) and after coming back from work, I try to keep it a secret that I actually play. Reasons being: 1) it's not good for the kids to know that their mom cheats (no computer games allowed on weekdays for them) and 2) I am a professional...a professional shouldn't be playing scrabble, should s/he?

But, oh no, suddenly Arielle, my second girl asked a few minutes ago "Mom, are you playing scrabble?". Not suspecting anything I said "yes, why? Do you want to invite me to play?" (It's weekend anyway, so everyone is allowed to play). Arielle said, "No, it says on my screen that you are playing scrabble". Darn! And I thought I'd carefully hidden all the notifications that let my FB friends know what I'm doing. Hmm, one can never be too here I am, confessing that I am a scrabble addict. There, done. At least I can claim to play only this game...that's the truth (because I dare not play and get addicted to more games). Hey, I get my job descriptions done despite being an addict! I shouldn't be ashamed, should I? (Ok, I am feeling embarrassed!)


Gunaqz on September 2, 2011 at 8:15 PM said...

There's nothing to be embarrassed about it, Verone. It's scrabble, not poker. LOL It's a good game, I love it too. My friend, Ally, used to 'force' me to be her online scrabble opponent. Tepat pukul 9 malam, dia expect saya sudah ready mo start lawan scrabble online sama dia...every night! Kalau mau cancel, mesti inform awal. Kalau tidak, dia paling marah.

N here u r, feeling embarrassed for playing it every now and then. lol

Saya terpaksa cakap bohong dengan kawan saya supaya saya boleh 'lari' dari jadi 'mangsa' lawan scrabble dengan dia. Saya bilang, internet sudah kena potong, tidak dapat online lagi. Lama juga dia merajuk sama saya. ha ha ha ha


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