Monday, June 20, 2011

Slipping Through My Fingers

*Sigh*. Having 'too much' time on your hands could be disastrous. Especially when you know that those are only borrowed time. That is exactly what is going on with me now. I am on the 4 weeks of medical leave that I, at first, welcomed. The welcome wears out after barely a week. Each time I curl up on the settee with a good book, comes the nagging feeling that I am neglecting my work. And yet I can't bring myself to start working from home. Instead, I spend time reading through favourite blogs.

Stumbled upon Gunaqz's today. Her title, 'slipping through my fingers' brings back old memories of sending up the kids to school for the first time and feeling like a seasoned mom. It also evokes a feeling of how everything seems to be slipping through my fingers of late. Especially my good health. Post tumor-removal operation, I had a bad gastric that I thought was due to the medicine. But a check-up at the doctor revealed that the culprit was a gall-bladder stone. I realized on that day that I'd forever be having this problem, and only by watching my diet I'd feel normal again. Hmm...I've been trying to watch my diet in the past two years, quite unsuccessfully perhaps, but I tried my best. But when I was told that it's either watch my diet or have the constant pain, I felt like screaming "unfair"! Why don't I have a choice? Now that I am calmer, I know that I just have to accept and bear this with a big smile on my face. My good health might be slipping through my fingers, but it shouldn't stop me from enjoying life in ways I can, shouldn't it?


Gunaqz on June 20, 2011 at 3:27 PM said...

Hi Verone,
Thank you for mentioning me in your post. That's so sweet of you.

Oh, I loooveee both your blogs. I'm so going to be your follower so I don't miss any of your coming entries.

I'm not a mother yet but I can relate to your motherly feelings. It must be hard watching our kids grow up and finally get to the point of being ready to spread their wings and fly away. Don't you worry too much love, I'm sure your kids will forever adore and love you.

I'm sorry your health is giving you a hard time. Get more rest and get well soon, ya?


Verone on June 20, 2011 at 6:03 PM said...

Hi Gunaqz, the feeling is mutual (I loveeeee your blog too :). So happy to have found it/you). Thanks for your good wishes...I'll rest, I'll get well, I'll blog and I'll read your wonderful entries ;)


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