Tuesday, December 28, 2010

'tis the season to be merry

It's christmastime again. A season to spread love, peace and joy. A season to be merry. I had fun selecting presents for my family members. Though to be honest, by the third day of roaming the local mall near my workplace from 6pm to its' closing hour, I did feel a bit like an idiot. Buying gifts for over 20 family members is quite a nightmare. Not to mention boxing them. It was a lucky thing that I found this little shop that sells cute boxes and stuffs. And even luckier that the girls keeping the shop were very helpful. Feeling helpless, I asked them to show me how to tie the ribbons in such a way that they end up looking really nice. They did, and they even boxed some of the presents I had on my hands then with big smiles on their faces. So that explains why some of the ribbons on my boxes look nicer than the others, which my two girls, as expected, pointed out to me (one can never keep a little secret from one's kids huh?).

Anyway, Christmas 2010 was great, more so because it was celebrated with family members and close friends. It will be another year before the family will get together again, but the anticipation of a wonderful time will make the wait worthwhile. Merry christmas and happy new year 2011 everyone.



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