Wednesday, November 4, 2009

...and they become as real as can be

If I were to conduct an experiment about cyber chat experience, I think I will be a good candidate for that experiment. At my age and status as a mom it might look a bit ridiculous to enjoy so much chatting with people I haven't even met. But I unashamedly do. Stumbling upon this particular chat room one night as I was listening to their online radio, I decided to be a user just because. One 'hi' led to another and the result was a good feeling. And I have kept coming back since. Meeting the same people night after night and talking to them for an hour or so like they are old friends make the whole thing seems so real. I don't even know the identity of these people, only that they come from the same homeland and they speak the same language as I do. And that they are polite, respectful yet playful. Those are reasons enough to make me keep coming back. In a way, cyberfriends can be just like real life friends- you can bond naturally. You can feel which ones click with you and even unload your emotions to a certain extent (in my case I don't mind being their listeners). Strangely enough, these people become as real as can be...



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